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Top Autoflowering Strains

Date 25th Jan 2014   Comments No Comments »

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Big Bang15%804High130Medium
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Perennial (multi year) cannabis?

Date 6th Dec 2013   Comments 4 Comments »

DNACannabis plants as we all know are annual and that means they go through all their life stages in one year starting their life at spring , maturing in summer and ending their life with those big buds in autumn. This is the usual life cycle and of course there are autoflowers that are even more faster in their growth and end their life some two to four months from the start of their life. And then there is the cloning mechanism that can in theory extend the same genetics for unlimited generations keeping a regular photosensitive cannabis mother plant under 24 hours of light. This mother keeping can be great for cloning but from that plant you can’t get any buds as it is always growing only in that vegetative growth stage.

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Cannabis Seedling Life cycle

Date 21st Oct 2013   Comments 20 Comments »

autoflower seedling side viewWhat is a seedling?

A seedling is a young plant or rather that plants growth stage. This growth stage is every naturally grown plants first life cycle and it is also the most fragile and the most dangerous of them all.
In general their life cycle starts when the seed cracks open and ends as soon as the first true leafs appear. Basically a seedling is a plant embryo that sits in a protective layer (the SEED Shell) and start growing when moisture penetrates that protective player. After that initial seed cracking that young plant tries to find sunlight by growing upside down from where the gravity is pulling the seed. This happens because seeds are usually found under ground or under leafs or other material and to get light and in that sense power to grow this plant tries to find its way upward. Seedling at this point grows completely on the power that is stored in the seed because it is not photosynthesizing yet and so there is no energy production. When that little plant reaches trough the ground and finds light the process of leaf opening is started. As soon as those seed-leafs are opened the plant starts photosynthesizing and its true life has started!

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Auto Pineapple Express review

Date 11th Oct 2013   Comments No Comments »


THC: 12% – 15%
CBD: High
CBN: Medium
Yield: 20 – 60 g/plant
Harvest : 65 – 75 days
Height: 40-50 cm
Price Amount Price per seed
$32.29 3 $10.76
$48.44 5 $9.68

Auto pineapple express from Barneys Farm is a really great strain to grow as it tastes amazing but also give you a great yield and fast growth. This strain is similar to the original Pineapple express from the same seed company just an autoflower version, so it will flower automatically in any light environment but the exact genetics of this are Ruderalis strain crossed with Skunk #1 and Cheese! This crossing makes this an amazing strain to grow but I have to warn that this is not a particularly easy to grow strain because it is picky in nutrient selection and any overdose or Ph problems will manifest quite strong! I had a bit of overfeed with 3/4 strenght bloom nutrients at the last few weeks of growth and also slight nitrogen deficiency symptoms at the second or third week and I have grown quite a lot of auto-crops so new growers could also have the same issues. But maybe this was just one of those grows that did not do well as I was running this plant for seed production in small pot.

Anyway the growth was fast and in those first weeks before those first real flowers started to form I could almost see her grow a bit every day and that is great! I have seen countless forum thread around the web getting the same results but also some nutrient problems so be careful and don’t over or under feed her. I started in a nutrient rich potting soil and did not gave her any feeding for those first two weeks and then started with 1/2 strength grow nutes till flowering. As she started to flower I switched to Bloom nutrients again at 1/2 strength for the first week. Then I changed the schedule to 3/4 required strength and she started to show some nutrient overdose so I had to flush her and revert back to 1/2 strength nutes.

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Sterile cannabis plants?

Date 3rd Sep 2013   Comments 2 Comments »

a bunch of ruderalis cannabis seedsFirst of all I must Admit that searching for information on sterile plants is hard and there is almost no scientific information on sterile or infertile cannabis but I managed to find something and I think this is enough to educate anyone what is this strange phenomenon and how can it help us.
If you know anything more about this strange sterile phenomenon then feel free to leave a comment!

What are sterile plants??

Sterile cannabis plants are female or male plants that can’t reproduce or in other words females can’t create seeds and cannot be pollinated but the pollen on sterile males cannot pollinate any females or their pollen sacks just doesn’t create any pollen.

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Metal halide (MH) grow lights

Date 4th Aug 2013   Comments 2 Comments »

3 Metal Halide Bulbs

Metal Halide or MH light is a gas discharge lamp which produces light by creating an electric arc in a pressure chamber full with mercury and metal halides. This electrical arc excites the gas mixture inside the pressure chamber and it starts to glow. The light produced by the gas mixture is directly linked with the elements that are in that bulb but overall the metal halide lamp produces a white (full spectrum) light with a spike in the blue region of the visible light spectrum. Metal halide lamps have been long used for regular cannabis growing and growers use them also with autoflower strains. Basically you can grow cannabis fully from start to finish with this light but the buds will be fluffier than growing with HPS or LED lights as this light source does not produce sufficient RED light that plants need more in the flowering phases. Because of this phenomenon metal halide lamps are most widely used for seedling and clone growing and basically are good all the way to the start of the flowering cycle.

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Secondary Nutrients (Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur) for Cannabis

Date 2nd Aug 2013   Comments 2 Comments »

What are secondary nutrients?

Secondary nutrients are generally known as Magnesium , Sulfur and Calcium and because they are needed in smaller amounts than the main elements (N-P-K) they are called secondary nutrients but they are almost as essential to any cannabis plant growth as those three main nutrients. If you are cultivating your autoflower or regular cannabis plants you will need these secondary nutrients to get the most growth possible from your plants and because these three elements are so important many nutrients solutions have them incorporated in their nutrient mix together with the N-P-K (Nitrogen,Phosphorus, Potassium ) ones. And if you don’t have these three secondary nutrients inside your nutrient solution or organic mix then you can use things like Dolomite Lime, Gypsum and magnesium sulfate or Cal-Mag formulas that are provided by all the major nutrient suppliers to manually regulate their dosage and increase your plant strength and yield.

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Inside Vs Outside Autoflower growing

Date 26th Jul 2013   Comments No Comments »

Inside vs outside autoflower growingGrowing autoflowering plants indoors or outdoors is a question many of new growers face when they are just starting their first crops and it is not an easy question to answer because every grow room is different, every outdoor climate has its own advantages and drawbacks and any grower has some limitations or advantages. Because of this much of a variation I would have to write a post for every one of you considering your growing conditions but the main point is that Autoflowers can be grown indoors and outdoors and both environments can yield amazing amounts and grow beautiful healthy plants but both can also give you jsut a couple of grams and stunted growth.

So knowing that I cannot answer this question completely I will try to give inside and outside growing advantages and disadvantages and try to compare some statistics like yield , height ,potency and so on.

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Autoflower yield

Date 7th Jul 2013   Comments 7 Comments »

autoflower harvest on a deskYield , the amount of bud we get from our plants is the most valuable measurement of how well and how efficient we run our grow operation. Because the harvested and dried weight of our cannabis flowers is the main reason we are growing this plant it is no wonder that people are searching for ways to increase yield and what are the best yielding plants but to be precise there is not a one answer that fits all these questions and every grow operation is different so every plant will yield different amounts.

Of course there are general guideline like regular autoflowers like Fast BUD #2 will typically yield far less than SUPER autoflowers like BIG BANG But that also is not written in stone because you can grow a small yielding plant in a nearly perfect conditions and get more than from a SUPER autoflower strain in poor conditions so basically every grow is different and even growing in ideal conditions plants can have different yield because the genetics have a slight variation or just some random event slowed one plant down a bit at the seedling phase and it did not catch up with its siblings.

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Autoflower ScrOG (Screen Of Green)

Date 2nd Jul 2013   Comments 2 Comments »

T5 grow scrogWhat is ScrOG

A ScrOG refers to the term Screen of Green and can be interpreted to any method of growing plants that uses a screen of some sort. There are vertical , horizontal and even box screens but they all use a net or a wire to train cannabis in a way that is more efficient for light usage , exposure and ultimately increases your autoflower yield and maximizes the growing space.

Autoflowers and ScrOG?

AUtoflowers flower automatically so there is no way you can vegetate your plant for as long as it spreads through the screen and then start to flower it. This makes Scrogging autoflowering plants a bit more difficult and you need to pay closer attention to what you are doing. Basically there are two types of autoflowers:

And both of these types need different methods for scrogging because the fast flowering regular autoflowers have to be trained much earlier and you can start training them as early as the first or second pair of true fan leafs appear. These plants can also be trained when the flowering starts because they will still grow for a week or a bit longer and you need to maximize the bedsides by training them as fast as they can grow.

The second type the SUPER autoflowers are more longer growing and they have a longer pre-flowering period so you will be able to extend them more through the green screen and get much higher yields. These SUPER plants also can be trained at the first week of flowering but usually growers try to stop training them as soon as those first flowers appear and let the budsides grow through the screen toward the light .

So you can see that as with regular plants autoflowers can also be trained with the Screen of Green method but why is it necessary?

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Foliar Feeding your Autoflowers

Date 9th Jun 2013   Comments No Comments »

foliar feeding cannabis leafWhat is foliar feeding?

Like most gardening terms, “foliar” comes from Latin and means “leaf” (folium”) … so “foliar” is “of the leaf” and “foliar feeding” refers to giving nutrients to the plant via the leaves. Using a fine misting sprayer you gently mist the leaves of your autoflowers with a dilute nutrient solution.

How does it work?

We all know that like all other plants, autoflowers absorb nutrients and water through the roots and we know when to give autoflower nutrients in the regular way. But it is at leaf level that plants convert these elements into useable food and growth through photosynthesis. By applying nutrients direct to the leaf you are sending these straight to where they will be utilised!

In fact tests show that nutrients absorbed through the stomata (on the leaf´s underside) will be found in the roots within 60 minutes.  And a project conducted at Michigan State University, using radio­active tagged nutrients, proved that foliar feeding can be 8 to 10 times more effective than soil feeding.

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6000 word Complete Autoflower Grow Guide

Date 26th May 2013   Comments 60 Comments »

Beautiful autoflower plantPeoples interest about autoflowering cannabis plants and how to grow them have been exploding in the recent years and will continue to grow more and more as new and even more potent and powerful autoflower plants reach the seed market. The Google trend shows us that in the last year alone autoflower searches have almost doubled and people want to know more about these magnificent plants.

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Autoflower HPS growing

Date 8th May 2013   Comments 7 Comments »

HPS autoflowerwhat is HPS grow light?

A HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps are the main choice for cannabis growers all over the world and it is because they produce very intense light that almost no other artificial light source can match. HPS lights work by exciting electrons in a high pressure sodium bulb. This electron excitement produces a glow that looks like a pink / orange SUN and it radiates quite large amounts of heat. These amazing grow lights have a very high luminous efficacy that means their light to energy ratio – Lumen/Watt (lm/W) is from 100 to 200 and that is quite high compared to some other light sources.

Incandescent ~16
CFL ~40-70
T5 ~ 50-100
Metal Halide ~70…150

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LED autoflower growing

Date 25th Apr 2013   Comments 30 Comments »

autoflower LED growIn Nature cannabis plants absorb natural sunlight and produce dense and really resinous colas. These big buds are usually tastier, stronger and more potent because inside growers can’t completely reproduce the SUN’s light Intensity and full spectrum. There are various light sources available to growers but not one of them can completely reproduce the full spectrum that the sunlight gives off! Because these grow lights can’t reproduce the full spectrum completely your cannabis plants are receiving less energy than they would under the sun so they are growing slower and can’t be as big as the ones grown outdoors or in greenhouses. This light absorption mostly happens at the ends of the color spectrum at the blue and red colors. Just the opposite happens in the middle of the visible light spectrum and ganja plants receive no energy at all from the green spectrum light as the plant is green and it reflects all of the green light! If you are growing autoflowers with regular light sources (like CFL, HPS, T5 or MH) then you are wasting a lot of energy because these lights produce light curve that is not evenly spaced and with some spectrum spikes that may not be in the right place where your plant needs them. The ends of the light spectrum (Blue, Red) are not in the middle of the curve or in any of the spikes so they get low amounts of light. Imagine if these light sources could give off only the light that cannabis plants need! If this was true then growers all over the world would not be spending money on light that illuminate the room in color spectrum that is not completely efficient to cannabis plants! Here comes in the LED lights as LED diodes can be made with different kind of additives that will illuminate in different light colors and spectrum.

What are LED lights?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and that means that this light source is just a semiconductor that can perform electroluminescence or in simpler words shine! This “shining” happens when electrons in the diode are pushed into gaps that let them get exited to a higher energy stage and when the electrons return to the starting stage the excess charge is given off as light in the form of photons! These LED light has no moving or fragile parts so there is no wearing out or burning , discharging of a filament as in HID or CFL lights!

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T5 grow lights for Autoflower growing

Date 19th Apr 2013   Comments No Comments »

T5 fluorescent tube autoflower growWhat are fluorescent tubes?

Fluorescent tubes are exactly the same as CFL (compact fluorescent lights) but they have been around way longer. All the fluorescent tubes are gas discharge lamps that use electricity to excite mercury vapor.This vapor creates excited mercury atoms and when they bump into the bulbs outer coating then the coating (usually Phosphor) starts to glow!

For a number of years the old T12 bulb fixtures was considered standard when lighting large areas with a decent efficiency, but as good as these T12 lights was, they were not good for growing plants and that includes cannabis. They had relatively low lumen per watt ratio and their only advantage was the low temperature.

After the T12 bulbs came the T8 light bulbs that has smaller diameter and they are more efficient and can be used in growing regular and autoflowering cannabis plants. These T8 fluorescent light bulbs have a luminous efficacy of about 70 to 80 (lumens per watt) and they are available in different light output colors so they can be used for growing marijuana plants. These T8 tubes are the second generation of fluorescent lighting and they are good for lighting purposes and their luminous efficacy is acceptable for growing. But there is an even better choice and that is the third generation fluorescent tubes or T5.

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