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Autoflower bulk seeds

Date 5th Apr 2013   Comments No Comments »

Autoflowering bulk seedsMedium to large autoflower growers have three choices if they want to grow many plants and they are:

  1. Buy some seeds and create their own feminized or regular seed, but this option takes time and resources and if they want to grow their crop right away this option is not viable.
  2. buy multiple packs of autoflowering seeds which cost a lot of money and usually there are just 3 to 10 seeds in one pack!
  3. The third and the best solution is to buy Bulk autoflowering seed packages from Seedsman and they are well worth their money because if you buy seeds in large amounts you can get quite a bit of discount. Seed companies and seed breeders also like to sell larger amounts of seeds at one time not to sell them one by one and this is why they can afford to lower prices on bulk packages!

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Autoflowering Indica

Date 6th Mar 2013   Comments No Comments »

What are indica autoflowers?

bubblicious autoflowerAutoflower Indica plants started their journey when the first cannabis ruderalis plants were crossed with regular cannabis Indica strains that made the offspring’s be a short and bushy autoflowers that produce reasonable quantities of THC. These clones are not as big or potent as regular Indica strains but they flower automatically that makes them stand out of the crowd and lets growers grow plants in smaller and tighter places and harsh conditions. This short size of Indica autoflowers is also the reason why this variety of autoflowers are easy to grow , as you can produce your harvest in 70 days and that means they are really fast!
True indica autoflowers are potent and the branches are closer together that let them produce tight flowers and increase the yield and bud density. The most potent autoflowers can get close to 20 % THC and the leafs of these plants are short , the individual spikes on each leaf are close together and their width is bigger so they look thicker than the true ruderalis of sativa leafs. Autoflower Indica leaves are also more darker and are in a dark green color whereas the sativas are a bit lighter green. The smell of the True indica auto is also not comparable with the sativa crosses as they are really strong, fruity whereas the Sativas are minty and sweet. Usually you can get really stoned from the true Indica autos and the high is more like the full body couch lock not the sativa typical head high.
In their natural habitats Indicas are more stronger than Sativas and that means the indica autoflowers crosses are also stronger than the mainly sativa autoflower crosses so they will more likely be able to protect themselves from insects and better cope with temperature fluctuations. This temperature adaptation let growers produce autoflower weed in harsher growing environments and some temperature or light fluctuations won’t affect these auto indica plants as much.
These days Indica autoflowers are starting to resemble the real Cannabis Indica plants as they get a lot taller and their yield and THC content is almost as big as the regular indica strains. This makes these super plants good for larger industrial growers as they can now plant these wonderful marijuana plants outside at a regular time period and will be able to know when the plants are ready so they will be able to harvest them safely. The predictable harvest time also lets growers get more than one crop per season. The same growing time period for all the same seeds makes them very predictable and you can plant them to get a harvest every month, like for example: if I would plant an indica auto every month 2 months before the summer and also at the summer months i would get a monthly harvest.

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Sativa autoflower seeds

Date 4th Mar 2013   Comments No Comments »

What are Sativa autoflowers?


Sativa is a huge plants and it in the nature they are usually found in hot climates and perfect environment conditions without the altitude stresses or high winds. These advantages give sativas the ability to develop huge buds and their yields are usually bigger than indica plants. When these amazing plants are crossed with an autoflowering ruderalis variety they keep all their best qualities and transfer them to offsprings making them sativa cannabis plants that can autoflower. The first generations of sativa autos weren’t so good as the pure sativas, but they were good enough to get wide acceptance by new growers of growers who like sativas but don’t have as much space to grow them.. Sativa autoflowers are like a smaller versions of the real thing and that gives them some advantages.

Sativa autoflower advantages over regular sativa plants:

  • They are more compact and will produce tighter colas,
  • They can be grown in smaller places,
  • You can anticipate their harvest day,
  • Autoflower sativas can be planted multiple times  every summer,
  • They will produce bud faster,
  • They are more resistant to cold and pests ,
  • Will tolerate high temperatures and humidity more easily,
  • They are easy to grow for new growers.

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Super autoflower seeds

Date 7th Feb 2013   Comments 17 Comments »

super autoflowering plantSuper autoflowering cannabis or also called super autos are the newest development in autoflowering genetics. These auto plants are called super autos, because they can match the strength ,potency and yield with regular cannabis Indica and sativa strains.

Autoflowering breeders have continuously been improving seed genetics and slowly getting closer and closer to regular strains in THC , CBD contents and yields. First generation of autoflowering cannabis plants like the original lowryder had much less THC content if we compare them with regular strains, and the yields were also small, but those original automatic cannabis plants were bred specially to have those traits and they were and still are excellent and now many small-time growers choose autoflowering seed over those regular ones. Since those first commercial autoflower seeds , automatic plants have continuously been improving and now almost all biggest seed companies have their versions of autoflowering seeds that stay short but produce buds with High THC contents. As good as these auto cannabis plants are they cannot match regular strains in yield and size and these drawbacks have been the main reason large inside and outside grow operations are not using autoflowering cannabis plants.

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Short look on autoflowering seeds

Date 29th Jul 2011   Comments 2 Comments »

When considering what auto seeds to buy you need to know all the factors that are involved in growing these magnificent plants.

Autoflowering cannabis or also called ruderalis is the third subspecies of the main cannabis genus and it is a small but very strong plant that can survive almost any conditions. This small plant grows under any light cycle and it doesn’t need the light cycle change that is necessary for Indica and Sativa plants to start flowering.

Automatic cannabis seeds look exactly like all the regular strain seeds and they do not differ in size or shape form them. The germination process and it’s length is almost the same as Indica or Sativa and can be a bit easier and faster because the auto plant has adapted very well to the cold climates and the seeds will produce seedling easier in those ruff conditions.

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Cannabis Sativa seeds

Date 29th Jul 2011   Comments No Comments »

When considering what type of cannabis seeds to buy, you need to take into consideration all the factors that are involved in germinating, growing and using your herb and because there are tree main cannabis species they all have different aspects of growth, yield, stone and appearance.

Sativa is one of the three cannabis subspecies but in some forms it is referenced as all cannabis species. Because this plant is the most widely used many people that don’t know how cannabis plants are classified think that all cannabis plants are Sativas but that is not the case and in reality only the tallest plants with long thin leafs are Sativas. Sativa plants have the key characteristics of that long thin leaf that wont overlap and they usually grow tall and can be as tall as 5 or 6 meter if grown in perfect conditions. Sativa plant have been long used for their nutritious seeds and the Hemp fibers that are one of the strongest and most resilient natural fibers in the world. Because Hemp is widely used Hemp-Sativa plant have been bread to have the genetics needed for fast growth and very High yields but they have almost no THC content and that means no high.  However there have also been a very extensive breeding done to get that high THC value back and sativa strains have been bread with Indica ones to create hybrids but that is a completely different story! Pure sativas will have less potency and lower yields per meter of growth than indicas but because they grow faster you can get similar yield in the same amount of time.

Growing Sativa and Indica seeds are almost the same but in some cases sativa seeds can be harder to germinate because in nature Sativa plants grow in worm regions around the equator and they need almost perfect conditions to sprout but inside you can supply the best condition all year long so you should be able to get similar germination rates from sativa , Indica and autoflower plants.

It is easy to grow Sativa plant because it grows fast and is very strong and resistant to illnesses and changes in environmental conditions. Of course if you want to grow good quality weed then you need to take a good care of your plants but that is true for every strain. If you are growing outdoors in warm environment then sativa is the plant you need because of its massive root system that can absorb moisture and nutrients from deep in the ground and because these plant will get huge you can get massive yields! Sativa plants will get taller than those two other sub-species so you have to be careful if growing them indoors as many smaller closet grow operations can be too small to grow pure Sativa strains. But if you really want a sativa plant then you have the option to use LST or other training methods and you can also reduce the pot size and get a smaller growth. 

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Cannabis Indica seeds

Date 29th Jul 2011   Comments 3 Comments »

When thinking about buying cannabis seeds you need to consider all the factors involved in the process.
Cannabis Indica plant is short bushy plant that has adapted to grow in cold climate and harsh weather what is a big plus because it will survive almost any conditions and temperatures.  This plant has a wide big leafs that usually are in dark green color and the buds form big and strong due to the leaf shape and structure. If you are a beginner then Cannabis Indica is the plant to choose.

Indica seeds germinate at lower temperatures than sativa and the little sprout is more likely to survive the first few days. You can germinate Indica seeds in soil or on paper towel – it depends on the individual growers taste and skill but for beginners I would recommend to germinate the seeds right in the spot where they will grow.

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