Cheap autoflower seeds

Autoflowering cannabis is a relativity new player to the cannabis seed market and that makes their seeds expensive to get, because the competition is not yet that big as for the regular seeds. But this statement is getting more and more untrue by each passing year and now many seed companies have their autoflower department and they produce autoflowering seeds. This market saturation with autoflowers is good for growers as it drives the prices down and growers can get more diverse seeds cheaper and faster. At this moment in time you can find regular seeds that are as cheap as two or three dollars per seed if buying a multiple seed package but in the feminized market lowest prices are a little over than 5 or 6 dollars per seed in multiple seed package but the best strains can get 10 , 20 and even more dollars per seed. You can defiantly find these expensive autoflower seed and grow them but why would you if now the autoflowering cannabis seed market is flooded with first generation autoflower seeds and their prices can get as low a s 5 dollars so have compiled a list and gives you the cheapest feminized autoflower seeds:

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