The thing about autoflowering plants is that they flower by time and they cannot be fooled to stay in vegetative period by turning the lights on 13+ hours a day.

This means that these ruderalis plants know how old they are and they will start flowering two to tree weeks after sprouting no matter what light cycle they receive.
Because of this autoflowering trait, these plants cannot be cloned effectively. For example if you manage to take a clone from this auto-flowering marijuana plant and you manage to plant it, it will flower exactly at the same time as it’s “mother”. This means that you’r newly taken clone will probably start flowering a few days after the cloning and nothing will return that little cutting back to vegetative stage as it is possible with regular short-day cannabis strains.

So as you can see autoflowering plants can be cloned but there is no point of that because you cannot set it back to the vegetative growing period and it will automatically flower and produce a harvest at the same time as the “mother” plant and you will get a one bud plant if you are lucky.

In fact autoflowering cannabis plant seeds that we can buy these days were engineered so that we don’t need to clone them. This means that you don’t need to clone your plants and grow a mother plant that needs constant light cycle with light more than 12 hours to keep it in vegetative stage. Autoflowers are designed to grow fast and flower fast and with feminized seeds and very stable strain genetics you just need to plant a few seeds every month or so and you will get a continuous harvest or plant seeds just before the harvest to maximize your growing space.

So what can you do if you cannot clone this plant?

You can produce seeds from female autoflower plants by pollinating them with male pollen and plant those beans in small pots. After 2 or 3 weeks when they have shown sex, you can remove the male plants and grow your new crop. This process is more effective than cloning regular strains and you don’t need separate growing rooms for vegetative and flowering plants. Because autoflowers grow so fast and flower quickly you can get a much faster turnaround and if you know how to make feminized seeds yourself or buy them from seed companies then you can get that seed-lees crop without the need to clone and keep a mother plant.



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    Thank you for this great article do you recommend a certain company to get from ?

  3. Some strains like my candy cane branch so much you can clone very early in veg and get almost half the yield of the mother from each clone.

    • midowo

      Hi, tnx for sharing that information!
      Have you done some side by side grows with plants that are cloned and ones that are grown out without cloning? It would be interesting to see the yield difference between those both!

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