Feminized seeds

Feminized autoflower seeds

Feminized autoflowers are the end result of countless attempts to perfect the autoflower growing methods and numerous breeding cycles. Feminized seed production is not cheap from the growers standpoint and that is why feminized autoflower prices are more than two time the regular seed prices but they are well worth it. Feminized seeds give you the advantage to get all your plants to be females and you don’t need to get rid of the males so you are able to get some quality seed-less buds that are full of resin because the plant turned its energy into producing flowers not seeds. Feminized seeds can also be cheaper considering the additional payments, because if you buy regular cannabis seeds you need to get more pots, more growing medium and more work not mentioning the fear of losing you seedless crop to pollination. If you grow in small pots then the auto flower transplanting will stress these cannabis plants but the feminized seeds that started in their big pots will be just fine.
Feminized autoflowering seed are the top choice for many growers and here are the top Feminized autoflower seeds that www.autoflowering-cannabis.com encourages you to look at:

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