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Auto Original Amnesia review

Date 3rd Feb 2013   Comments 3 Comments »



THC: Very High
CBD: Medium
CBN: Medium
Yield: 40 – 150 g/plant
Flowering: 70 – 85 days
Harvest indoors/outdoors: longer than typical autos
Height: up to 150 cm.

Original Amnesia autoflower from Dinafem seeds is one of the strongest autoflowering strains on the market and it is not a coincidence because it has been cross-bread from the regular Original Amnesia  and the ruderalis plants. This fast growing autoflowering strain has a very sativa feel and look with those distinct large sativa-like leafs and amazingly big buds what are full of those precious THC trichonomes.

These big yielding autoflower seeds take longer to mature because of the sativa genetics, but that means that your overall yield will be much larger than those regular autoflowering cannabis plants. This strain is perfect for beginners because it needs small amounts of nutrients because of the rederalis and sativa mixed genetics. Original Amnesia autoflower can be grown both inside and outside and will produce the best yield at warm conditions.

This autoflower strain will be ready in those 70 to 85 days but it can yield a big harvest and the growing is easy! The overall look is like a sativa, but the production is like Indica so the plant grows tall but produces amazing!

The high from this autoflower strain is very potent and it gives a very strong “couch lock” feeling because of the high THC content and moderate to low CBD content. Because of this THC to CBD ratio this is one of the most potent autoflowering cannabis plant.

When starting to smoke you will feel energized and after 3 to 4 hours the high will start to wear off and you will become sleepy! This strains is good for evening smoke as you can get things done at first and then the couch lock kicks in and you feel so relaxed and joyful!
This strain is good for pain relieve and medical patients will love the smell of lemons and butterscotch and the smoke is not harsh but the effect is amazing!

original amnesia autoflower


For more information see Original Amnesia at the Original Sensible Seed Company or Seedsman!

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3 Responses to “Auto Original Amnesia review”

  1. richard says:


    I would like to buy some non feminized original amnesia seeds. Please let me know if I could buy the regular seeds, and email me with an answer. My email adress is richardpapiernik@hotmail.com

    • midowo says:

      Hi there, we don’t sell cannabis seeds directly, but we are affiliate partners with original sensible seed company and seedsman, you can visit the links above to buy the amnesia seeds.

  2. doctorspliff says:

    auto amnesia ,haze 2.0 , auto mobydick , critical + 2.0 very best power (y)

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