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nirvanaseedsbluemysticregularNirvana Blue Mystic could be a relative to northern lights because by its growth it has all the good northern lights traits and some additional benefits. It is called blue mystic because in flowering mode it starts to show some blueish colors that look amazing and are a bit strange. The blue mystic strain was particularly chosen by Nirvana seed breeders because of those blue hints to be crossed with autoflowering plants and to get this amazing blue mystic auto.

Growing this plant is a piece of cake and anyone with no experience can do that. You can turn lights on 24 hour a day and just water a seed and get an amazing plant with some decent buds. But if you get a proper equipment and grow the heck out of this blue strain it can give you close to 50 grams and from such a short plant that is amazing. Because of the autoflower genes this blue mystic has a great weather and illness resistance and that short profile and short size will allow this to fit in small grow closets but will also allow you to use LST and SCROG to maximize even more space and get greater yield if measured with grams per square growth meter. The look of this plant will be like a dwarf but the branches will be tall and those side branches will strongly want to get to the top and you will get a more uniform grow than with those early autoflower strains and basically this strain will have a small sativa branch feel with indica buds.

As the plant grows you will get almost no distinct smell and only in the last weeks of flowering there will be a faint whiff or cannabis but overall this is a low odor strain. As the plant matures those buds will start to have some blue hint show up on the trichomes and it will make this a reel poster bud. As you chop off those branches they will be tall enough to dry them on a rope or string and the leafs will come off easily as they got some of that sativa not so compact leaf formation. But don’t be afraid about the bud density because that is just like a real indica could have and if you let your plant mature completely you will get really dense and resin rich buds. After a good harvest and easy drying and curing you will get some fruity smell with some hash aroma but again that won’t be overpowering and will be faint. However when this blue auto flower bud is smoked it will give off a strong weed smell and you will get a nice head start with relaxing body and mind middle and ending. This is a good uplifter strain after a bad day or a rough evening that will let you do some work and have fun while completely relaxing. As I said the smoke is uplifting at first and then relaxing but not a lot of relaxation and that is not your typical indica couch-lock stuff so a good daytime and also nighttime plant. This blue Mystic auto can also give a good medical benefits of anxiety relieve and lessen any pain.

Overall a good alternative to the regular Blue Mystic strain with those autoflower benefits but still getting those blue buds and amazing smoke.

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Blue buds

Blue Mystic is a great auto to grow and it produces decent yields as well as some pretty interesting blue colored buds.

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