Super autoflower seeds

Super autoflowering seeds have been raising in popularity lately and they are so much better than regular autoflowers, because they produce amazing yields and you can get truly big plants that will be just like the regular ones in all their characteristics but they will autoflower! Autoflowering plants are basically regular plants with the automatic gene in them and that means they can get as big as 2 meters and produce up to 900 g/m2 of bud mass. Super autoflowers will defiantly be a big deal in the future an they are starting do win this title at this very moment, because autoflwoer growers around the world are starting to grow these bad boys. This increased growth means that autoflower seeds will become cheaper and more growers will be able to grow them.

The first SUPER autoflowering plants were produces by STICH and they were amazing, but now almost every seed company has made their super autos so you can choose from a lot of awesome SUPER seeds and here we have selected the best of the best:

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