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Cannabis ventilation, odor controll

Date 21st Aug 2011   Comments 4 Comments »

In nature autoflowering cannabis plants get fresh air full with Co2 all the time.  The wind blows and supplys cannabis with all the necessary Co2 and it also circulates the air around the leaves, dispersing heat and destroying insects. Outside air circulation also increases plant strength and helps male pollen to land on female cannabis flowers to produce seeds. Inside however growers need to supply all this artificially and the air circulation must be very close to what the plant would get outside so you need to install fans and produce the wind yourself.


Why is ventilation necessary?

Fast growing autoflowering cannabis will need a lot of water and light, but both of these aspects can generate negative things if the auto plant is grown indoors. First of all the light emits heat but cannabis plants don’t like temperatures above 30C (86F) and if the air is not vented out of the growing area then the temperatures will raise fast! Second thing is the water that we use for watering the plants. Autoflower cannabis plants evaporate almost 99% of the absorbed water in the air and the humidity rises quickly. If the humidity gets too high the plant will struggle to grow and insect, mold and fungus risk will increase dramatically.

Final thing why air circulation is so crucial is the Co2 amount that is in the air. Ruderalis leafs will use all the Co2 around them really fast and if the air doesn’t circulate in the room they will struggle to produce their food from photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process where plant uses water, Co2 and energy from light to produce sugars and oxygen and if the Co2 is not available to cannabis plant then this process is slowed down or even stopped and plant struggles to survive.

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